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The restaurant started in 1988, when the food was great, but now the quality has suffered, and they don't follow instructions, I wanted my grilled onions chopped up so I could eat it without my teeth, but I was not going to reveal that to the public there by asking to redo the cheeseburger, so I wrapped it up and left so I could eat it without embarrassment, but ruined my atmosphere.

I hadn't been there in a while, so I googled them, what a nightmare! There were dozens of links with different data on them and mixed with the Arcata restaurant, good testimonials and bad. So I knew I could consolidate the correct links and only use good data for the store, then make a simple website to have it all displayed in one place, and I did not charge them for what you see here, then she wanted to change things which were beyond the scope of the page, and mind you I did this for free... But then she reveals she wants to change the domain name which costs money, and when I tried to explain it to her, she just bitched about paying for it, nothing in life is free, except from me, and then I get confrontation from the uninformed and refuses to learn...

All they care about is your money, and I will never return to this greasy spoon...

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(707) 445-2061

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2009 Harrison Ave.
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